Winter Wishlist 2017 | What You Actually Need

Even in warm Athens, winter has come and #sweaterweather is finally here. And my winter Wishlist 2017 is longer than last years! haha! Before getting all excited about everything you see online and in high-end retailers, just take a deep breath and start considering your needs. Ok, it would be a lie to say that I am not in that I-want-to-buy-the-entire-AW-collection mood, but my budget is a bit low at the moment so I am carefully thinking about what I actually need and what I want!

Investing in chunky knits, coats, and boots is the best thing you can do. Before you should take a look at what you already own to avoid buying the same piece. For example, I own a black turtleneck long knit so I won’t buy the same again. Easy tip! Take advantage of sales and special sales such Black Friday or the Double Eleven which I am talking about it in this post.

I know it’s hard to resist when the budget is low but buying key pieces is the only way to actually get what you really need. Another tip is to mentally create 2 or more outfits with the product you want to buy. Make it usefull!

Shop my Winter Wishlist 2017

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A few of my fave affordable pieces! Click on the images to get the product’s link! One of my fave online affordable shop is Zaful but I bet you already know that!  Hopefully, you found my tips helpful!


xx Theoni


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