Winter Body Care Routine | Step-by-step

That hot summer sun is now gone and it’s time for sweaters and cozy knits! I know it’s getting cold and it’s harder to pamper yourself but during winter our skin gets easily dehydrated. That’s why we need to take care of it and use products that help it stay moisturized. My winter body care routine this year comes down to four products! I have recently discovered them and absolutely love.
The brand is called C-Marso, it’s a Greek-based company that owns quality products for your face, nails, and body.

winter Body care routine winter Body care routinewinter Body care routine winter Body care routine  winter Body care routine

Steps for the ultimate Winter body care routine


  1. First, I take a shower. During summer I was using cold water but now that’s cold outside that’s impossible for me! I definitely avoid using too hot water because it’s bad for the skin. It should be warm enough.This way removes toxins, open the pores and clean the skin. While in the shower I am starting with C-Marso body peeling that removes dead skin cells and makes my skin smoother. I love using a body brush along with the peeling! This combination is good for reducing cellulite. Start moving it over your body in slow, circular motions.
  2.  After the shower, I am using (okay please don’t laugh at me!) the hand cream emulsion for my body not only hands because I absolutely love its texture and makes my skin feels hydrated without that oily feeling you get with some creams. If your skin is too dry it would be better to use the emollient plus cream which is a very intensive care cream with extra virgin olive oil of organic culture that rejuvenates the skin due to softening and antioxidant properties.The combination of almond oil, calendula oil, castor oil, butter curry, vitamins A and E soften, moisturize a dry skin and prevent skin irritation. Walnut extract protects against the excessive dryness of the skin.Oh, and It does not contain water!
  3. For the super dry parts of my body such as elbows and my heels, I am using the emollient cream plus that contains extra virgin oil.

So, this is my winter body care routine at the moment! Sometimes I might skip the peeling part but not on purpose! I might be cold or in a rush. But I am always using this ‘bad boy’!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic or your current favorite skincare routine! Comment below!


xx Theoni


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