Warsaw Travel Diary – Part 2

The second part of my Warsaw travel Diary is also ready! You can check out the first part here if haven’t already! Today I am sharing some more pics of what we did the second day there! Enjoy!

Sunday morning! Easter! The little bistro we had breakfast was closed, so breakfast was served in our hotel room! We had some fruits and handmade polish food, some cake, and other goodies! Everything was really nice and we enjoyed our breakfast before we left to explore Warsaw’s Old Town.

.warsaw travel diary hotelwarsaw travel diary breakfast

You guys, it was so cold that day! It made it even harder taking pictures! But, we were so excited when we arrived at the Old Town. I just can’t describe its beauty and cuteness! So many colorful houses and a big paved square in the middle! We made it sure to explore all of it! Well as much as we could,   because it started raining! We had a quick stop at a cute cafè, until it stopped a bit.warsaw travel diary colorfulwarsaw travel diary food      warsaw travel diary travel blogwarsaw travel diary old city

We spend most of our day at the Old Town Market place which is the center of the Old Town, walking through little alleys and admiring the colorful buildings. After a while we got hungry of course! Our food adventures started! We couldn’t find a single restaurant to eat! Everything was so crowded!

warsaw travel diary travel blogwarsaw travel diary old citywarsaw travel diary squarewarsaw travel diary

So we ended up again at Green coffee Nero! We had meet kiss and I also got a large Banana Mango smoothie!

Later we took a bus and went to this majestic Palace! Wilanow Palace! It was so beautiful and its architecture is just unique. Unfortunately, it was closed the day we visited it (on a Sunday afternoon / easter) so we couldn’t see the interior space. But we did get the chance to walk through the garden that surrounds the palace. Endless green, beautiful parterres and of course a lake!

warsaw travel diary wilanon palacewarsaw travel diarywarsaw travel diary

Below you can see some more shot from my phone!

warsaw travel diary
Breakfast at Metropolitan! Our view from the hotel!
warsaw travel diary
Amazing view from the 30th floor at the Palace of Culture and Science! A quick shot!
warsaw travel diary
Lazienki park! Just huge!
warsaw travel diary
What we had at Green Nero Cafe the first time! Another shot from the cute streets at Warsaw’s Old Town!
warsaw travel diary
Wilanow Palace


warsaw travel diary
Last day in Warsaw. We had brunch at Paul’s! Potato pancakes are really good, you should try them! And from the airplane!

Hope you enjoyed my Warsaw Travel Diary part two!
Have you ever visited this amazing city? Leave your comments below!


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