Top 6 Denim Pieces

top 6 denim piecestop 6 denim piecesHello loves! Have a lovely Saturday! Today i was thinking that i would love to right down my fave 6 denim pieces that i absolutely love or/and i have been wearing a lot! (pictures above from my Instagram: something_vogue ). Let’s start:

  • Denim Jeans

Who doesn’t own a pair of fave denim jeans? Skinny, mom, straight is always a must. Right now mines are this one and this one.

  • Denim jacket

Absolutely love it! Especially these warmer days is a perfect layering piece! Mine is here but i got my eyes on few others like this one!

  • Denim skirt

Ok you definitely need a denim skirt in your life it’s so practical and you can wear it with a lot of stuff! Here is mine but i really want to invest on one similar to this


    • Denim dress

    Pretty little dress that sure reminds me of my childhood! So comfy, you can see it in this post Denim Dress . There are so many different styles for a denim dress that you would definitely find what fits you the best!


      • Denim top

      I haven’t got any similar top, but it’s definitely on my wishlist! The denim on denim look is something really cool and if it’s done right it’s just perfect!


        • Denim shorts

        Where do you think you are going without a pair of ripped and highwaisted denim shorts? The most easy-to-wear piece for all time long! Here is a look with my current fave shorts!

        So here was my top 6 denim pieces. Hope you found this post helpful and inspiring!top 6 denim pieces

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        Until next time!

        xx Theoni

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          • Theoni Reply

            Thanks gorgeous!! love these too!! haha that’s so good we have the same taste of style! 😉

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