Top 5 Teddy Bear Trends | Sunday’s Picks

Sunday is here, and I am so happy and sad at the same time. Well, I am happy because I get to spend the day cozy at home and sad because tomorrow is Monday. Who’s with me? In my previous Sunday’s picks, I showed you my top 5 ugly sneakers. In this post, I am sharing my top 5 teddy bear trends/pieces.

This last year the teddy trend has been really appealing to everyone with it’s cozy/warm vibes. Mostly in coats and jackets but lately you can see this trend in sweaters/hoodies too!

top 5 teddy bear trends
top 5 teddy bear trends

Below I am sharing my top 5 pieces starting with the lowest price.

  1. Rosegal Cropped Sweater
  2. Shein Jacket
  3. Stradivarius Coat
  4. Filla Sweater
  5. Na-Kd Coat

Which one of my top 5 teddy bear trends is your fave? Comment below! I am having a hard time to choose!

Until next Sunday,

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xx Theoni

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