The secret to Always Look Effortlessly Stylish

You think that is easy looking cool and stylish all the time and that famous Ii-Girls are mixing prints and fabrics with no problem at all. Well, trust me it’s not that easy! Sometimes the simplest of looks needs a lot of thought and consideration in order to look amazing. But today I am bringing it all down, and I am gonna share with you my top secret to always look effortlessly stylish, without much sweating!

My no1 tip would be to not think about it that much! Lol in a total contrast with what I wrote earlier! Sometimes you just need to loosen up and not overthinking about it, just be yourself. 

The no2 tip is that the best way to look effortless is by mixing up controversy styles. Like chic and sporty. Or feminine and rock. Casual and elegant etc. Just like what Ι did here: the teddy jacket (everyday piece) with a pair of mom jeans (casual piece) and the sock booties (chic).

And last but not least: Less is more. What I mean is that you don’t have to add too much to your outfit. Sometimes a simple look is more stylish than trying to wear all the current trends in one look!

What I am wearing: Teddy Jacket(old) | similar
Ribbed Pullover
Scarf: Zara | similar
Waist Bag: Zara | similar
Sock Boots: Stradivarius | similar
Mom jeans

How to Always Look Effortlessly Stylish – Shop the Look

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xx Theoni

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