Teddy Sweater Outfit and Fairy Lights

Because I don’t already have enough teddy pieces, I thought, why not get this teddy sweater as well? Lol! It looked really fuzzy and warm in the picture online so I thought that it would look really great! This sweater with the front zip (so in love with this detail) is all about coziness so when at home I paired it with this faux leather skirt and voila your teddy sweater outfit!

Got it from Rosegal.com and I love the fact that is cropped since most of my jeans and skirts are high-waisted. It’s really warm but I have to admit I was expecting it even softer! But that’s totally fine! Also, I did order it in a lighter brownish but that’s ok too! Anyway, what do you think? 
It would look great with mom jeans and vinyl/leather trousers as well!
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What I am wearing: Teddy Sweater sold out | similar
Faux Leather Skirt

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xx Theoni

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