Summer Sales Guide and Pro tips!

Hello everyone! It’s finally that time of the year we all love! Sales time! Yay! This time they last longer and with biiigg reductions.. So take advantage of it and go treat yourself!

In this sales guide will show you some of my fave finds through various stores that i absolutely love! Many great things can be found on Asos. More ladylike and more elegant pieces on Missguided. Aim for jeans on Topshop! On Forever21 search for all kind of cute tops! Be patience at H&M. You can find great pieces, you just need to search for them! Nothing exquisite on Boohoo. This store’s prices are already low so i didn’t find something amazing, but a few great pieces. NA-KD is expensive but i love it! You know my love for Zara! But there are a few good deals left, so you better hurry. And of course some tips to master the Sales Queen tittle are down below!







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Let me share with you some tips and tricks when shopping during sales.

  1. Make sure to take a look to all of your favorite stores before buying a piece. You might find a similar one in a better price. (keep this in mind every time you are shopping actually!)
  2. During summer sales make sure to buy some key-pieces for winter (since is just around the corner..). Like a wool coat, a nice trench coat, leather jacket etc. Their price is even lower!
  3. It’s the perfect time to shop Designer’s pieces (bags, shoes). Why buy it full price when you can have for half the price?
  4. During July aim for sale sizes but during August for better discounts.
  5. Know what you already have in your closet and don’t buy it…again!
  6. Don’t get fulled by the sales numbers. Like when it says -70% or -80%, you think that is very cheap, but actually it isn’t. Double check it.
  7. Pay attention to every single detail of the piece of clothing you are buying. It’s a dangerous time of the year and women tend to be careless with everything just in order to make their own that pair of shoes they saw. So make sure what you are buying isn’t ruined.
  8. Don’t buy it if it doesn’t fit you.. Just because is costing less it doesn’t mean that you have to get it. On the other hand if you want it so badly…..! Make sure you are going to visit a tailor!

Okay.. Now that i have finished my novel(!) tell me if you found this post about my sales guide useful! Hope you will consider my tips if you are about to go for shopping!

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Happy Shopping!

xx Theoni

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