Shiny Blush Bomber Jacket

blush bomber jacket winter trends 2017blush bomber jacket adidas shoes  blush bomber jacket fashion blogger style blush bomber jacket winter 2016blush bomber jacket lace up sweaterblush bomber jacket mom jeans sneakers  blush bomber jacket winter styleblush bomber jacket fishnet socks  blush bomber jacket total black lookIn case you were wondering, no i didn’t get a new blush bomber jacket.. I am sure you remember my cute embroidered bomber jacket right? Hell, yeah! In case i haven’t mentioned it, it’s reversible! Today i thought ‘why not wear it with the other side on?’. Like, 5 months later!

Anyway, you are all familiar with my love for total black looks, so here is another one! To add some color i wore my bomber jacket on the other side! That day wasn’t very cold (it was raining actually, that’s why my hair is messy and frizzy..) and i wanted to look cool and casual. This denim from Asos, my lace up sweater (to keep me warm) and my kicks would do the work.

And to make my outfit more interesting i wore my fishnet socks. The net trend is insane, i love it!

What i am wearing : Straight Denim Jeans : Asos and DIY | similar Boohoo
Lace up sweater : | similar Forever21
Blush Bomber jacket : Asos (on sale!) | cheaper version Charlotte Russe
Fishnet  socks : Oysho | similar Asos
Adidas Shoes
Shoulder Bag : zara | similar Macy’s

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xx Theoni

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