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Talking about Beauty can be really exciting sometimes! Especially when it comes to hair straightening. I have been looking for a professional straightening brush (not so badly as I was looking for my perfect wool coat!) but I had it in mind. So when Irresistible Me reached out to try one of their products I was more than happy to choose their Jade Brushbecause it let’s admit it, all the curly-headed ladies need a straightener in their lives!professional straightening brush how use itprofessional straightening brush flatlayprofessional straightening brush irersistible meprofessional straightening brush beauty bloggerprofessional straightening brush reviewprofessional straightening brush step to stepprofessional straightening brush before after professional straightening brush after photos

I would love to start with the packaging. Very beautiful and sleek, instantly caught my attention! Note: if you live in Europe, you need an adaptor for this one. They told me but I forgot about it, so the next day I was running downtown to get one immediately!

Inside the packaging, there is a little booklet with instructions and safety rules about the product. The Jade Brush is really easy to use. The LCD screen is really helpful and you can adjust the temperature from 130’C to 230’C. Also, the temperature is displaying both in Celsius and Fahrenheit. On the side of the brush are three buttons. Pressing the middle one you will turn on/off the product. The other two are for adjusting the temperature.

I love the fact that it’s a brush and not an iron because I while was straightening my hair I was untangling them too. The brush’s top is made of ceramic and tourmaline. This gently heats the hair without damaging it. Also, the round top is designed this way to prevent hurting the scalp when in contact. Very useful when straightening the hair from the root. The 360′ cord made straightening my hair easier. Not to mention I didn’t have to wait long for it to heat up!

Using The Professional Straightening Brush

Before starting I applied two of my favorite heat protection products for a smoother finish too. Firstly I used the Heat Protect Styling Leave In Spray from Oriflame and then the Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil from Kerastase mostly for my damaged edges. I divided my hair into 3 big sections and started straightening. It took me about 20-30 min. For better results, I recommend holding the brush facing the ceiling. With one hand hold a small section of your hair, then slowly starting from top to bottom, let the brush go through your hair.  My hair is

I really loved the results! Straight hair in no time! Having frizzy and thick hair can be tricky… So a professional straightening brush is a must. I forgot to mention that my hair was dry. Not wet, not half-way dried. I didn’t get that super silky finish I wanted but the truth is I wasn’t expecting such good results with damaged/frizzy hair! So I am really happy with it! You should definitely give it a try!

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