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Hello loves! Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

I made this post during weekend because i won’t have much time today, since i am going to spend all of my day at work. Today Is a national ‘holiday’ day, and  only restaurants, coffe places etc are open! The exact translation of this day’s name is ‘Clean Monday’ lol! I won’t get into details but in a quick summary today whoever wants stops eating meat until Easter. Fun fact about Greece!

Anyways, i wanted to talk about some beauty stuff i got from H&M. I had bought before some eyeshadows (they were really good actually) but that’s it (and not from the new beauty line). So the other day i was shopping (of course!) and i decided to take a closer look. (if you are following me on Instagram you know!) And i ended up buying 2 lovely nude pastel nail polishes and some fake lashes! I am not that type of person that wastes 10 hours about my nails, and hair, and make up. So this nail polish i tried out (has the most lovely color) was so easy for me to apply it. I really enjoyed it and i didn’t  got all dirty everywhere.. I don’t know if that has to do with the fact that it was a pastel color! Maybe if it was red i would get really messy!                                                                              Tip:  for being sure that the results are going to be more effective, i got the Instant Armour Top Coat, that also gives a glossy touch in the end!

And last but not least i got these long, volumed lashes because mine are nonexistent! I was wearing them for quite a long time and they were fine. They seemed very naturals and that’s something i wasn’t expecting. The feeling is weird though!                                                                                         Notice : make sure that the packet you will first buy, has already glue in it.

Fake Lashes

Nail Top Coat

Nail Polishes : H&M | i’m wearing the Kalahari, and the other one is Rose Umber


Hope you will enjoy my first beauty post! I really love those pastel nail polishes! What do you think? Have you ever tried H&M ‘s beauty products? You can comment below!

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xoxo Theoni


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