One Year Blogiversary plus What I have learnt!

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Yes!! I am celebrating my one year blogiversary… Today marks 1 year of blogging. Well, here is what i have learnt : Time passes really quick! Lol okay other stuff too. I won’t share a link on my first outfit post… I will just tell you that it was shot with my phone by my boyfriend.. As well as a few of my next posts too. Disaster! It has been a great year i truly learnt a lot but honestly i still believe that i know nothing.

I always wanted to do something around fashion. It has always been on my mind. By that time i only knew about Youtube. But the idea of being in front of a camera and talking, like in english, was so damn scary!

Starting something on your own, something that you are passionate about and love. I had no idea about blogging. Until i started lsearching for it.. And there it was! I wanted to create a blog! As i kept looking for other fashion bloggers, creating my own blog was my only desire. I mean, how hard can it be to create a site and take photos of your ootd?? Piece of cake! Well, NO. And let me add that it’s even harder when you have to to all this, using a foreign language and while you have no idea about coding and web stuff.

I really won’t start talking about the tech stuff. So in short talking here is what i have learnt in this one year blogiversary!

  • Think about the name of your blog very well, and your blog hosting. I am with
  • Always check out tutorials and ‘how to’ s to improve your blog and photography skills.
  • Connect with other bloggers through IG, FB, and your blog of course.
  • In the beggining, don’t expect great views and many visitors.
  • Learn how to use google analytics (i still haven’t!)
  • Invest on a good quality camera (i am currently using Canon EOS 1300D and i am about to purchase the fixed 55mm f/1.8 lens)
  • Trust yourself, make mistakes, and get better.
  • Are you financially ready? Then invest on a good photographer (it will definitely help you!). If not, start with your mom/sister/boyfriend. Or else, buy a tripod. The last 4 months i have been doing my shootings alone.
  • Be organised. Set goals, even if they are small. Try to achieve them
  • Don’t forget to create a mail list. I am currently with Mailchimp(Free) but i am thinking to change to Aweber or Convertkit.
  • Be patient. I have been doing this for a year and still don’t get everyday emails for collabs!

Finally my novel is done! Lol! Hope you have found this post helpful. Let me know about your struggles in the blogosphere! I would love to know!

What i am wearing : Straight jeans : Mango | similar Gap
Long Jumper : Bershka | similar Missguided
Leather jacket : Pull&Bear | similar Asos
Cross body bag : zara | similar Steve Madden
Loafers : H&M | similar Mango

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    • Theoni Reply

      Thank you Margaret! Haha you think so?? Maybe you are right and maybe i am going to try it in the future but rght now i am going to stay with blogging! lol

  1. Congratulations on your one-year blogiversary, Theoni! I can’t tell those pictures are taken with your phone! They look amazing and I think your boyfriend did a great job! Love your tips here, I’ve been blogging for quite a long time now, but I still haven’t discovered google analytics either haha! Absolutely love your blog and I hope we can stay connected! 😉 xo, Vivian

    • Theoni Reply

      thank you sweetie!! haha he tried his best i guess! it’s a bit overwhelming to use.. aw i would love to!!

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