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Hello loves! Wishing you all a lovely Sunday!

I am not a beauty blogger but i really love talking beauty some times! In today’s post i would like to share with you my nighttime skincare routine.

When i was younger, i had acne problems.. I did have a few pimps but at the age of 18 i think, it got worse. I had blemishes, cysts, red marks and whiteheads on my face. Thank God i had this just on my cheeks and chin. My forehead was generally clean. That was troubling me for about 3 years until i took some power pills (isotretinoin) and it was cured.

Since then i take care a lot of my face and make sure to cleanse it properly and moisturize it. I keep my hands of it! Your fingernails are the biggest source of bacteria so do keep them away!

I don’t like to experiment with many brands, so once i found something that’s good to my skin i will keep using it.

Originally i had an oily type of skin, but after the isotretinoin treatment the oiliness was reduced and now i have noticed that my skin type tend to be normal or combination.

I use Bioderma‘s and Oriflame‘s products for the time and i’m very pleased. Here are the steps that i follow for my skincare routine every night before i get to sleep! :

First i will cleanse my face with the Sebium Gel moussant from Bioderma. In order to prevent dryness by removing all of the necessary smegma from my skin, i don’t use it every single night. Just a couple of times per week. Then i use Sebium H20 as make up removal or as an extra cleanser. I use this miracle water every single night whether i have make up on or not. My skin then feels really hydrated, elastic and clean. I have recently discovered the new Beauty Section from Farfetch and i loved many products. I would recommend the Pure Rosewater and the Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water .nighttime skincare routine bioderma

Next i am using the True Perfection night cream from Oriflame. It provides all of the necessary elements for a moisturized skin without feeling oily. I would definitely check out the Dragon’s Blood Night Cream. In addition to the extra hydration, to prevent age marks, reduce wrinkles, and for a smoother-looking skin, i then  use the True Perfection Miracle Perfecting Serum on my neck, forehead and around my mouth (expression wrinkles). The serum has many ingredients that help collagen’s production. So that’s why i especially use it at the particular parts of my face. Recommended serum fro the Farfetch beuty section would be the Chantecaille Vital Essence SerumAnd of course last but not least i use the True Perfection Refreshing Eye Illuminator around my eyes to get rid of black circles and again smooth out the expression lines. I also love the fact that this eye cream has this little ball in the end so i don’t have to use my fingertips to apply it! So convenient! Have been eyeing (!) these Bakel Cool Eyes eyecream and Radical Eye Revive cream from Farfetch to try on!nighttime skincare routine night cream

nighttime skincare routine serumnighttime skincare routine eye creamSo that is all about my Nighttime skincare routine! What about your regime? Is there a product that you absolutely love? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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xx Theoni

*The oriflame nighttime products now are renamed as Novage. I am still using the old series.               *All opinios are my own.

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