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My hair is a really sensitive matter… Oh yes it is! Even though you might think that having curls it’s easier, well NO it isn’t. If you don’t use the right products it gets all frizzy. Just the products alone though won’t work, you need heat. I do most of the times. There are some particular curly parts that require extra help to shine! Any hairstyle can ruin them. What do I mean? If I decide to do a ponytail for example, by the end of the day my curls no longer exist. The results of the 5-hour ponytail look are destroyed frizzy wavy curls which I hate. When I discovered New Wash Shampoo from Hairstory I was willing to give it a try.New Wash Shampoo lookNew Wash Shampoo New Wash Shampoo New Wash Shampoo hairstoryNew Wash Shampoo best look

This unique shampoo ( I will explain immediately why I say unique) has the ability to clean your hair while moisturizing it. The uniqueness of New Wash Shampoo is that you no longer need conditioner. It’s a two-in-one shampoo that washes and in the same time detangle and repair your hair.

I was eager to try it out and watch the results myself. I did! Indeed this shampoo made my hair look shinier and healthier after a few washes. New Wash is a combination of aloe vera and essential oils and doesn’t have detergent, doesn’t foam, but cleans hair and scalp. It was honestly really refreshing using only one shampoo instead of two or three!

I have to say though that I was a bit annoyed by the fact that it doesn’t foam, I was feeling that I wasn’t washing my hair properly. I got used to that feeling! But that made me use a lot of product every time because I wasn’t sure if it was enough.

Generally, my hair is damaged and oily. So, after a few washes, I noticed my hair becoming more oily. So I stopped using New Wash Shampoo at the top of my scalp. I was using another one that combats dandruff and oiliness. But for the rest of my hair and scalp, I was really happy with New wash.

The instant results were amazing. Especially one Saturday morning that I had some extra time, and let my hair dry naturally, it felt like I just came from the hairdresser! Thank you New Wash Shampoo for that feeling!


What about your current haircare routine? Is there a particular product you are absolutely lovin right now? If not, you should give New Wash a try!


xx Theoni

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