Mixing Browns like A Pro | Winter ’19

Hey guys! I am so loving neutrals and browns I could wear them all year long. They are also so easy to style I could wear this color palette all the time! When mixing browns like a Pro there are a few things to keep in mind so you won’t look bad!

Mixing Browns Like a Pro / Tips

For instant, I like to ‘break’ this whole ensemble with a neutral color like white or black.

Stick to 2-3 brownish hues and blent everything with one neutral color. Just like what I did here. I am wearing this brown teddy sweater with my camel coat and blended everything with my white jeans and sneakers.

Oh, BTW how cute is this little coffee house? It serves amazing chocolate cakes and is just adorable! The best places are always hidden!

What I am wearing: Teddy Sweater
White Mom Jeans: Vintage | similar
Camel coat: old | similar
Sneakers: Luigi

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xx Theoni

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