Minimal Bedroom Inspiration ~ Summer 2017

I am on the hunt for a new apartment! As you may know, I am currently staying at a friend’s house because something went down with my previous landlord. Anyway, anytime soon my man will be back so I have to find our new home. Soon! My favorite source of inspiration for that matter is Pinterest of course, and oh truth be told, I have been spending a lot of hours searching and looking for apartment decoration and minimal bedroom inspiration. But I really wanted to share with you guys a few beautiful bedrooms I have seen.

I am a sucker for white, clean and bright rooms so get ready!

Hope you will like them, and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, by the way, you can find me on Pinterest too if you want for lots (and I mean lots) of inspo in fashion, food, decor, travel and more!

Minimal Bedroom Inspiration

minimal bedroom inspiration minimal bedroom inspirationminimal bedroom inspiration minimal bedroom inspirationminimal bedroom inspiration minimal bedroom inspirationminimal bedroom inspiration  minimal bedroom inspiration minimal bedroom inspiration 

Just imagine having a bedroom like these! The pastel grey/ white on the walls is perfect and of course, the rest of the earthy, natural tones makes you feel calm and happy. At least that’s how I feel!

What’s your favorite? I can’t decide!

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*All images were found on Pinterest*

xx Theoni

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