L’Oréal Colorista Spray Review + Tips | #PastelBlueHair

Dying our hair into bright colors this year has been very popular. You can see teens in the streets and even our fave artists have been seen with different hair styles! But, when you are famous is much easier to change your style. So when one of my favorite beauty brands released one-day and semi-permanent hair colors I was very pleased! L’oreal Colorista hair sprays and semi-permanent hair colors are the easiest way to update your look and try something new and fresh.

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l'oreal colorista event
Thank you L’oreal for having me at the Colorista Launch Event!

I really liked the idea of changing my hair color (not something too crazy!) but I was afraid. So I decided to try the one-day hair sprays!

Very handy and easy to use. The colors I got were #pastelbluehair and #minthair. I wanted to create the ombre effect that’s why I chose a lighter and a darker color!

So, let’s start: First of all you need a towel and put it around your neck. Cover all of your

  • First of all you need a towel and put it around your neck. Cover all of your neck, trust me in that!
    Here is my first tip! Make sure to use the product on your hair only, because at some point my neck was covered in blue smudges haha!
  • Shake the hair spray and start spraying your hair. Do not stay long at one part of your hair. Move alongside your head. I started right above my ear. If there is someone around you ask them kindly to help with the hair at your back!
  • After the first layer, I grabbed parts of my hair and started spraying again, to make the color pop. Keep a distance of 15 cm approximately. Afterwards, I did the same thing to my hair ends using the darker color. Before I finish, I used the lighter color again for a more natural mixture.

The L’oreal Colorista spray is really good but if you are a brunette, you sure will need a lot of product. But here comes the bad thing. I only used it twice before it was over! That sucked because I wanted to use it again. Time to share my 2nd tip!: If you want the color to show on your hair I would recommend the semi-permanent hair color. If you just want to create soft highlights the spray is perfect.

Don’t brush your hair, just leave the L’Oréal spray to dry for a few minutes and then spray all over your hair with a strong hairspray. Avoid wearing light colored clothes or before you do make sure that the hair color has dried very well.

The L’oreal Colorista Spray stayed on the whole day and looked absolutely good. But don’t go to sleep with the color left on your hair because the next day you will wake up with the messiest hair ever!

Hope you found my post helpful! Have you tried them yet? What do you think?

What I am wearing: Pineapple top
Mom Jeans
Bag: Custom made

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      hey girl! I didn’t use a curling iron afterwards, I made my hair before the using the spray!

    • Theoni Reply

      I know! Me too I trust no one so these sprays are perfect!

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