Look Confident (& feel) w/ #MyRed

There are many ways to boost your confident! It could be your outfit, your flawless makeup, a certain lipstick, your healthy body. For me particular is two things: the ultimate outfit and the perfect lip color that completes my look. Truth be told, I wasn’t into lipsticks but lately, I have been searching for the perfect shades. At this point, let’s be honest, if you want to look confident the perfect red lipstick is a must have! I found the perfect one for me from L’oréal.

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It’s the first lipstick that I am actually lovin’ and I can proudly say that stays on! I wore it at work the other day for 8 hours, I ate, drank water but still! I was really impressed. And we all know how important is to stay productive when your mind is just focused on that voice inside your head telling you to check your lipstick!

I only used an old lip pencil for lining my lips and then applied the lipstick twice. It felt rich and not even once felt my lips dehydrated. With a matte finish that’s always a problem.

What do you think? Do you have a current fave color that makes you feel and look confident no matter what?

I am wearing: Color Riche Matte 346 (red Perfecto) by Eleni Menegaki

How to Look Confident

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Photography by Andriana Argiropoulou

xx Theoni

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