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So excited to share my Kefalonia Travel Guide! We were thrilled when we arrived at Kefalonia and even though the narrow roads are a challenge, the view pays you off! Super excited yet exhausted and with just 4 nights to our hands, we came up with a plan in order to see as much as we could of Kefalonia!

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We reached Poros in the afternoon and headed straight to our apartment hotel. After driving for 1,5 hours we finally made it, to Liakas Village in Spartia.! Can’t describe how beautiful our little village was! Our apartment-room was pretty boring but the rest of it was heaven. We settled down and since we were tired from our trip we decided to chill by the pool. A few hours later, we got ready and visit Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, only 10 km away.

Tip: Make sure to visit Kefalonia with a car or rent one. Having a car here is a must in order to see all of the wonderful places and beaches.

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Kefalonia Travel Guide

Day 1

Argostoli has many cafes & restaurants, beautiful walking streets and the amazing footbridge (The De Bosset Bridge / Drapano Bridge), which connects Argostoli with the opposite side of the bay. We took a walk to the city’s central square as well as a walk alongside the beautiful shore! 

Tip No1: Walk patiencely alongside the shore where all the yachts are. If you are lucky like us, you may get to see loggerhead turtles in the water!

Tip No2: Try traditional products like Mandola. Mandola is a traditional sweet treat well-known in Kefalonia. It’s made of almonds and sugar, while its vibrant deep red color comes from a kind of seaweed that the locals use traditionally in food coloring.

After walking through the little streets of Argostoli we got hungry and asked for your advice guys! We had pizza at Pizza al Forno! It was delicious, thank you for the recommendation!

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Day 2

The next day we headed North! We wanted to visit Myrtos Beach, Assos and Fiscardo! Guys, honestly I can’t describe how beautiful the view was while we were getting there. It takes your breath away. Even better when we arrived at the beach and swam to these crystal clear waters. Those turquoise-you think you are in a pool- waters! There was no sand, just small pebbles. The mountains around the beach made the scenery even more beautiful.

Tip No3: You should get there at around 10 0’clock in the morning to avoid a super crowded beach.

Tip No4: Make sure to bring your umbrella if you don’t want to pay for one. That’s a great way to save money.

Tip No5: The pebbles can be really annoying, so my advice would be to get a pair of these special shoes you can wear while you are swimming. Life is much easier!

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Hungry yet super happy, we left from the dreamy beach and headed to Assos. This charming little village! It was amazing to stroll around and stare at the colorful little houses! is the only village with its very own private beach and the remains of the nearby 16th century Venetian Fortress. There are only a couple of restaurants there and we had lunch in one of them. Fresh salad and roasted fish was exactly what we needed!

Tip No6: If you are wearing a hat & sunscreen you should hike to the Venetian Fortress through a path full of pine trees, and enjoy an amazing view of Assos village.

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After eating and strolling it was time to visit Fiscardo, on the northern tip of Kefalonia. Before getting there we stopped at one of the nearby beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches there (Foki, Dafnoudi, Kimilia, Agia Ierousalim beach) but we ended up at Emplisi beach. Surrounded by the green landscape, Emplisi beach is a must visit. You get an amazing view of deep blue, green and clear waters. You don’t want to miss it!

Tip No7: It’s not organized, so you’d better bring your umbrella or if you are lucky you will get a spot under the pine trees.

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Afterwards, it was time to visit Fiscardo! Fiscardo is the place where locals flaunt their good taste and class and where sea travelers flaunt their wealth. The romantic atmosphere and picturesque little shops make you feel nostalgic! Every corner was Instagram worthy!

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That was the end of the first day! To continue our trip to Kefalonia the next day we headed to the east side of the island but there was a surprise waiting for us! Keep reading my Kefalonia Travel Guide to find out!

Day 3

Woke up excited to a rainy Kefalonia! Okay it wasn’t raining yet but it was about to start. That didn’t stop us and drove to Antisamos beach. Breathtaking scenery, deep blue waters, an endless beach. We decided to rent sunbeds and umbrella instead of taking our own. The sky was grey but thank God we managed to swim before it started raining! We left and unfortunately didn’t get the chance to take some pictures.kefalonia travel guide antisamos

Then we arrived at Melissani Cave, the cave of the Nymphs. It’s an underground river and cave located close to the town of Sami. Along with other tourists, we hopped on rowboats and started our tour through turquoise waters! It’s consisted of two areas, one sun-lit, and the other dark, covered with stalagmites, that create a unique natural phenomenon. Even though the tour was short, about 15 minutes, it’s worth visiting.

Tip/Advice No8: The cost to visit Melisani Cave is 7 euros for adults.

Tip No9: Grab a jacket, it’s quite chilly down there!

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From here, we headed to the small harbor town of Sami. This is where the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed. We just had a stop there to eat! The town was quite lovely but we preferred Assos and Fiskardo. We had a salad and a big plate of spaghetti and shrimps at Il Familia. It was pricey, but the food was tasty! kefalonia travel guide kefalonia travel guide sami 2018kefalonia travel guide sami

In the afternoon we headed back to the hotel for a swim and we got ready for an evening at Argostoli. We really loved it the first time so we went again and this time we took a walk through the footbridge, even though we didn’t reach the opposite site! We admired Koutavo’s Lagoon, a feeding ground for the turtles caretta caretta, wild ducks, black-headed hens, and swans!

Tip No10: If you don’t want to visit Argostoli twice, you can arrange a visit to a winery or vineyard.

Tip No11: Koutavos Lagoon offers various activities such as renting a pedal boat and peddle around the sea!

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Day 4

It was time to explore the ‘other side’ of Kefalonia, called Paliki Peninsula! We arrived at Lixouri by Ferry and headed to another beautiful beach! Breathtaking, Petani beach is my second favorite after Myrtos. The waters were amazing, super clear and perfect for swimming.

Tip No12: In order to get over to the Peninsula, you must either take a ferry-boat from Argostoli, or you can drive. If you want to save time, you ‘d better take the ferry. The cost is €2.80 for foot passengers and €4 for a vehicle.

Tip No13: If you have time to spend, visit Xi beach too. It’s a nearby beach, famous for its bright red sand and warm shallow waters.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a lot of Lixouri, since it was noon and we were exhausted by the beach. So we got back to our hotel to rest and got ready in the afternoon to visit the village of Skala. It was the last village we visited and we were fascinated by its vibes! The most amazing feature of Skala is its very long sandy beach with the forest of pine trees at the back of it, separating the land from the sea. There are numerous restaurants there and after a stroll around the town and a game of chess (we found a large chess -harry potter vibes!), we decided to have dinner in one of the restaurants there.

Day 5

Our final day in Kefalonia. We packed, had breakfast (totally forgot to tell you about the breakfast there-so gooood!) and since our ferry boat was leaving in the afternoon we went to chill by the beach at Makris Gialos beach. There are two nearby beaches called Platis Gialos and Makris Gialos. Makris Gialos is an organized beach, unlike Platis Gialos. It was quite windy and there were a lot of waves and at the end, we didn’t swim.

Tip No14: If you preffer clear waters then you should go to Platis Gialos. We rent sunbeds and the cost was 7 euros per person (if I remember well), plus whatever you are ordering.

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Our trip was quite short haha! I wish you could have stayed a couple more days to explore a few more parts of Kefalonia. But I am not complaining, these 5 days was a blast! If you are planning any trips to this Island, hope my Kefalonia Travel Guide will be helpful!


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