How to make your bed cozy for the winter wonderland!

Hello guys! Since we moved to our new home (it’s been one and half year) I discovered my obsession for home/decor. So, while I am trying to make our little home cozy, friendly, and inviting I decided to add a whole new category to the blog and take you with me over this journey! In this post, I want to show you how to make your bed cozy during cold winter by doing a few little things!

Honestly, it’s super easy and you only need a few things to achieve the dreamy look you only see on Pinterest (psss, follow me there too!).

  1. Choose a color theme. Choose a basic neutral color (mine is white/cream) and then add secondary colors (I added brown and dark pink).
  2. The art of layering in your bed! You don’t have to use the layering technique only in your clothes, but in your bed as well! Add pillows over pillows and blankets over duvets!
  3. Completing my previous tip, for a cozier look add pillows and blankets and all the fluffy stuff you can find!
  4. In addition, add beautiful rugs that will complete the look of your bedroom.
  5. Lighting! So important! Add fairy lights, string lights, and candles! During moody winter, this is gonna warm up your bedroom!
  6. Breakfast in bed! There is no better way!

How to make your bed Cozy – Shop the Look

Hopefully, you enjoyed my post and found the tips helpful!
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xx Theoni

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