How I edit my Instagram Photos | 2017 Edition

Aw yes! It’s finally here! So many of you have been asking me how I edit my Instagram photos and it was time to create this particular post. I have always been a lover of black and white. Well, when I was younger I had a crush on pink! My room’s walls were painted in fuschia and Lilah! And I still get pretty excited when I see pink! Anyway, slipping away from the subject!

If you are having a blog, youtube channel and you want to make it serious, you need to drive traffic to it. A way to increase your blog ‘s traffic is through social media channels. Today IG is an upcoming social media power and you sure need a compelling feed to attract followers and brands in order to notice you.

First of all, you need to find out how your feed is going to look. You need a theme. Mine has a white minimal theme at the moment. Once you have figured out how you want it to look, you are going to start the editing process. There are some steps though before starting editing pics, that you need to do in order to have the best results.

  1. Natural light. Not direct light unless you want to play with shadows. When I am doing a flatlay or something familiar I am always taking place next to my window. I want my photo to look bright and clean as possible.
  2. Find the best time and place to shoot your photos. For me that would be early in the morning.
  3. Filling out my first step, don’t take pics late in the evening. They will look bad, too much noise, poor quality.
  4. If a pic is too bright (overexposed) you can’t fix it. Let it go! It’s easier to correct an underexposed pic.
  5. Do all the editing indoors. Outdoors the light can be harsh, preventing you from editing nicely.
  6.  I am no expert! This is just my way of editing my Instagram Photos!

There are many apps bloggers use to fix their Instagram photos and I think that you just need to find which ones work best for your needs. After many posts that I have read and a few apps that I have tried, I ended up in 3 apps! Right now the top editing apps that I am using to edit my pics and create a cohesive feed are:

  • Facetune
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO

I start with Facetune, then move on to Snapseed and finish off with VSCO! I use facetune to whitten up, smooth and make the details look crisper. Then with Snapseed I will fix the lighting, and/or particular spots of the image. Then with VSCO I apply my fave filter for a slicker touch!

Want to know how I went from this……

how bloggers edit instagram photos

to this??

how edit instagram photos 2017 edition

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Tell me what you think guys! I want to hear your opinions on that! If you have any questions, just DM me! I would love to answer them!

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xx Theoni

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