Gucci Dionysus : Designer’s look-alike bag

look alike gucci dionysus black

A lot of you asked me about this BAG! i won’t lie to you i was socked when i saw in that store!  So i had to share my emotions w/ you, through Instagram Stories! And many of you girls asked where i found the Gucci Dionysus! Ok it’s not the real one, but the similarity is so big, that it got me thinking whether I should buy it that instant.

I found it in a Greek based store in Ermou Street, Athens. I don’t usually shop from this particular store because i doesn’t fit my style. But my friend wanted to check out something and then it got my attention. The quality is not that good but for the amount of 40 euros, it’s ok. The tiger buckle is almost same as the Designer’s bag! #obsessed

I couldn’t remember the store (when all of you asked!) so the next day went back to find out more. The store’s name is Kelly and here you can check it out . Unfortunately i couldn’t find the bag online.. They had it in store only. But you can totally check it out, they might it update it.

So what do you think? Should i buy it? I think i will wait until i get my hands on the real Gucci Dionysus!

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xx Theoni

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  1. It looks so similar :O You should get it girl. It would do a show on Instagram! 😉
    Also I love that it is the black one. So simple and classic!


    • Theoni Reply

      thanks hun! i am so glad you like it! oh i didn’t buy it in the end!

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