Draping Trend w/ my Fave Beauty Products

I really like trying new things and trends but I am more of a routine person. If I find something that fits me well, I will stick to it. Well, that doesn’t occur for fashion! When it comes to beauty stuff, things can get a bit complicated. There are different face types, eye shapes, skin tones and it can be difficult to adopt every new trend. One of this spring beauty trends though is really easy to create and gives you the ability change the shape of your face with blush instead of contour. This is the Draping Trend.

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It’s definitely one of the easiest techniques to do but if you don’t be careful you might end up looking like you had a punch on your face! I did this using the Master blush palette.

The Draping Trend in a few steps

Start contouring with the darker shade and continue draping to eye. Then apply the lighter color all the way of your cheekbones. The trick is to blend together for a perfect flush. Do all the above, using the same brush. Lastly, (using a different thinner brush) highlight with the gold shade of the palette for a soft glow. This will give you the most natural-feeling look. Fnish the look with a matte lipstick. I have used one  in fuschia color because summer is near and I fell in love with this particular shade!

What I have used to create this look: Master Blush Palette from Maybelline
Matte Lip Paint from L’oreal
Push Up Drama Mascara from Maybelline
Eyeliner compact (old)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Photography by Andriana Argiropoulou

xx Theoni

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