Current Hair Essentials I can’t live without!

Winter can be harsh on our hair with all the low temperatures-slash-humidity going on. But our hair is weaker during summer (you know, sun rays!). Ah! Don’t even get me started with all the damage we are causing while using heat. I don’t know about you but my crazy frizzy curly hair needs to be tamed. That’s why is really important to use products in order to protect them. My current hair essentials come down to 4 products that I have been using lately and I am loving them!

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  1.  I would like to start with Irresistible Me Straightening brush. Since I got it, it has been a time saver. When I am running out of time and my hair won’t collaborate with me, this magic tool helps me achieve a sleeker look.
  2. Whether I am using heat for my hairstyle or not, I always apply a drop of this amazing oil to my split ends. Makes my hair smoother! Just don’t use too much of it because you don’t want to make your hair look greasy. Literally, a drop or two is enough!
  3. I tried to live without a hairspray but I couldn’t! The results of straightening or curling my hair didn’t last long. So this one from L’oreal is just perfect because holds everything in place.
  4. As I have probably mentioned before, I do have damaged hair. So every shampoo that I buy is for damaged hair. I have been using the Botanic Therapy from Garnier for a while now and I really love it!

Honestly, I am not a beauty expert but If I had to choose between some beauty products these would be them. I do want to grow my Hair essentials list, but right now I am really happy with these products.

Occasionally, when I have time to pamper myself a bit more I like to apply a hair Mask and leave it for 30 minutes. Right now I am using one from Le Petit Marseillais with honey and karite!

What about your favorite hair products? I would love to know about them! As well as a tip or something for frizzy hair! That would be awesome!

xx Theoni

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