Best Brunch spot in Athens: Estrella

It has been on my mind since I have discovered this hidden paradise! It’s a little cute bruncherie called Estrella in the center of Athens, lost in quieter streets. If you want to have the best brunch ever, you should definitely pay it a visit. I was so impressed (from the food and the whole brunch-thing idea) that I went there twice in a week! Here in Greece, unfortunately, the term brunch isn’t very familiar to people, so when this one opened it was like a breath of fresh air!

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Plus, it’s affordable and the dishes represent real life expectations! So many options: from pancakes and smoothies to baked eggs bagels and avocado omelets! I mean, I am craving everything right now!

The Place

The place is lovely. It could be prettier I believe. You can only sit indoors, but there are a few tables placed outdoors as well. Just keep this in mind: If you ever decide to visit it, it would be best to be a group of 3, not less. The first time we went there (3 ladies), it was so crowded (Saturday at about 1 o’clock) we were lucky to even find a table! The next time we went there ( my friend and I, on a Monday morning – about 10 o’clock) and the told us to sit in the back to one of the couple tables (aka small). I mean, it totally killed our vibes.

The Food

The first we visited the place, we ordered baked eggs with black truffle butter bread, pancakes with triple chocolate and red fruits and last but not least their specialty, a dish called bougatsan. I can’t describe it guys sorry! The second time we got the truffle butter bread again and a big yummy smoothie ball. Both times we really enjoyed what we ate.

So, If you want a taste of the best brunch in Athens, you should really visit this place!

xx Theoni


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      it was really great but that truly made us upset!thank you dear!

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