Bershka Beauty Products Review

I was really excited when that parcel arrived home! I was anxious and excited at the same time haha! Lately, we have been talking a lot about hair, so now it’s time for make up! I am not that kind of person that wastes a lot of money on beauty products. Okay I need my mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick but that’s it! Just fine with these. I I have tried some beauty products from H&M before and I was really happy with them. My point: it doesn’t have to be expensive to be good. So I wanted to give a shot to Bershka’s newest collection: Bershka Beauty!

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That transparent make-up bag they came in! So pretty! Generally, I loved their products. I have already tried them on, and I couldn’t be happier.
Where do I start from?

  • The pencil eyeliner, very convenient. Easy to use and stays on without smudging.
  • That eyebrow pen (cinnamon) was so amazing.. But unfortunately, the color doesn’t match my eyebrow’s natural look. It was way too brownish and I need something darker. That soft sponge applicator, though!
  • I had so many doubts about the mascara, but it turned out so good! I do have weird eyelashes that need tons of mascara to stand out. So this voluminous one is perfect!
  • The lipstick (wolves ballet) is just ah-mazing! Love the color, nudish brown. It has been my go to lipstick the past few days. From day to night.
    TIP: Here is a little secret for your lipstick’s duration. At least it works for me. Apply with a brush some powder on your lips. Then apply a good layer of lipstick. Gently, use a paper towel to remove the remaining amount of lipstick. Repeat those steps one more time! You are welcome!
  • The blush (Cotton candy) is so cute and so pink! You need to be careful with it!
  • Last but not least, my favorite! The highlighter (Heartbeat Glow)! It’s creamy and shiny. Works perfectly for those parts of your face that need an extra glow! As you can see I used it right above my cheekbones, in the center of my upper lip, right under my eyebrows (brow bone) etc.

I really loved the Bershka Beauty collection and these products from now on are my everyday essentials.
Has anyone of you tried them already? Tell me what you think! Use their hashtag #bershkabeauty to share your looks on Instagram!


xx Theoni


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      thank you so much Millie! always loving your comments!

  1. How cute are everything! I will surely try some of them! I think I will start with the highlighter ♥xxx, Sophie

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