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Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well and that you enjoyed #valentinesweek! I spent that day mostly at work because my boyfriend is abroad. Anyway, I got a few beauty new in stuff lately and I thought of sharing them with you while doing a review.

beauty new in review

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I would like to start off with Seventeen Cosmetics and their new products in skincare which is this Radiance Express Mask and the Eye Area Anti-puffing Gel.  I really like masks that include clay because it really cleans my oily skin and leaves it smooth. I am absolutely loving this little ey-puffing gel, I have been using it the past week everyday n’ night and it really soothes my eye are.
The Yellow Fruity Body Oil it’s just perfect for my body and smells really great. I love its size because you can carry it around in your bag even when you are traveling. Same here, for the Yellow Fruity body Mist. Just keep it in your bag and spray yourself during the day! (Tip: Do it in your hair as well!)
I am obsessed over the Lash Elegance Mascara as well, I have been using it the past few months and really love it. Makes my eyelashes long and I am happy with that!

Now, about Radiant professional, this is actually the first time I am trying this brand and by far I am very satisfied! I adore the Exfoliating Cream and I am using it every night before my cleansing gel. I totally recommend this, especially if you have oily skin like me. It contains Μicrocrystalline Cellulose grain which helps to exfoliate the skin, removes dead cells so that your skin feels smooth and glowy.

I use the Pore Minimazing Tonic Lοtion almost every night whether I am wearing Makeup or not. I start off by removing the makeup and then I am using the toner. Afterward, I am using the exfoliating cream and then my cleansing gel! Wow, there are so many things you got to do to keep your skin healthy! The toner is really lightweight and adjusts the oiliness on my skin.

Now, about the Visible Rejuvenation Botox and Radiance Effect cream. I have actually used it once because it’s for wrinkles and that kind of creams tend to be extra moisturizing and if you have an oily skin like mine you should stick to acne prone skin creams that aren’t so rich and moist.

Next is this amazing Matt Lasting Lip Color! What a gorgeous rich red color this is! I wasn’t sure if this one would look great on my skin but eventually, it’s worth it. I like matt finish and lasting results because I hate it when my teeth gets all colored. I am wearing the No8.

The Liquid Strobing it’s actually a highlighter that gives you really glowy effect. So easy to use, but the only problem is that the color Bronze I got it, it would actually look much better on tanned skin so I am gonna wait for my summer tan to use it properly!

beauty new in mat lipstick

Next, I am moving on to Lorvenn, which has been a personal fave brand since I first tried it out! You can find my post about their sulfate free shampoo here! Before starting the video I used the Keratin Volume Booster on my hair and afterward the Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. As you can see my curls are really bouncy and they look so lively! I really like the results!

Last but not least, I am sharing my thoughts about the new perfume from Cacharel, Yes I am Pink First. I adore this flowery, lightweight perfume and Iit has now become one of my personal favorites. The only bad thing is that you need to spray it quite a few times if you want the smell to last longer.

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Beauty New in & Review

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