Are we Living Offline or Online?

Are you living offline or online? It’s a question that has been troubling me a lot lately. Nowadays, where social media have intervened our lives for good, I often wonder whether the things we do are based on our social life or not. Raise your hand if have also ordered a cappuccino late just for the shake of an IG photo! Raise your hand if you wore an outfit, took an ootd-selfie and then wore your pajamas again? Raise your hand if you did your hair and makeup, took a selfie and then removed them. I have so many examples on my mind but I will only share a few of them. That makes me wonder: Is everything that we are doing based on an IG/Facebook photo/story? If that’s true, then it’s sad.

I am not gonna lie to you. I have also done many things just for the sake of the Instagram ‘God’. But as I am getting older and I am spending time on those social media trying to do things because I want to and I love to, not because I have to. Especially when you are in the blogging world too. Things are worse!

Are you living offline or online?

We have so many apps that are pushing us to share more and more about our private life (another topic that I would like to talk about too) and spending more and more time with them that things have lost control. If some of you are following me on IG, you probably know that lately, I am not using IG stories so much just because I believe there are so many other things out I would rather do than spending 1 hour to create and upload an IG story. (And also during the weekdays, when you are working 9-5 there are no interesting things to share, so…!) I have also minimized the posts I am posting to IG. When I first started on IG, I was reading that you should post as many posts as possible, so I was going for at least two posts per day. Jeez! Now I am posting once a day and some days I don’t even post a thing on IG. Just because.

The thing is that we need to create some boundaries with all that social media and not having to question ourselves whether we are living offline or online.

What about you? What do you think about this topic? Have you been there? Are you spending too much of your real life in that IG lie?

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