Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you a few things about my blog and myself:

Something Vogue is a personal style blog made in Greece. Created on December 2015 by Theoni.
I’m an Aesthetics and Cosmetology student but my love for fashion made me create this blog!

I love fashion (obviously!), shopping, and creating my own style with an affordable way!I made this blog to show my personal style to people, my daily outfits, to share my secrets and why not inspire other people to their own fashion path in order to show that you can be stylish without having too many clothes.I love shopping from high street retailers such as Zara, Mango, Asos, Missguided, and so much more.

Something Vogue highlights simplicity with a casual chic touch!

I hope you will enjoy it! Thanks for reading!
xx Theoni