6 ways to wear a silk scarf

Hello loves and have a lovely weekend! It’s Friday and normally i am not doing an outfit post but a wishlist or a how to etc. You can find more inspiration and on this post How to look stylish in 5 min if you want to! So today i decided to write down 5 ways to wear your silk scarf! It’s a trend this season and i bet that you have already seen it wore in the streets!

I currently own a pinkish one ( i found it in my closet and i have no idea from where it came from..!) but i am going to invest on a silky one with a diferrent color palette! And i suggest that you should too! As you can see this small scarf isn’t only  about to decorate your neck! Okay let’s start:

  •  Bag accessory.

It’s so cool having it tight around on the handle of your bag and instantly gives a pop of color on it! I suggest a plain bag (black, white etc) or else it’s going to look like a bad rainbow!

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  • On your wrist

Perfect touch for a casual look! Upgrades the whole outfit, especially if it’s a silk scarf and not a cotton type like mine.

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  • Like a belt

This one is my favorite! I think that again makes your outfit more sophisticaed. High waisted jeans, white sneakers and the scarf around your waist. Picture it! Is perfect.


  • Hair accessory

I think that most of you know this trick. There are many ways to use a silky scarf a hair accessory. Gives the look a boho kind of vibe. Here are some ideas.

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  • Around your neck

The classic way! I couldn’t resist and not write about this! All time favorite : match it with a striped top or above a high neck sweater. I recently saw this look by an amazing fashion blogger The fashion Fraction and she rocked it!

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ways to wear a silk scarf
Something Vogue
  • Around your ankle

This is really edgy but it’s a thing! I think that i couldn’t support this look but it may looks perfect on you!

So you guys what do  you think? Which way is your favorite? Is there any other way that you would wear a silk scarf? Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think!

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xx Theoni

Note: Images were found on Pinterest except those three with the pink scarf! These are mine.
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    • Theoni Reply

      Aw thank you Leni! Oh it’s mine’s too! Have a nice week!!

  1. YES! I am so with you on the scarf thing, I am a personal trainer so whenever I have to go from client to lunch/dinner I always use my leggings, top with a cute top and a scarf to make myself look like I tried haha I love these ideas, thank you! xo C

    • Theoni Reply

      Haha great idea!! Thank you Courtney and you are welcome!!

    • Theoni Reply

      Thank you! So glad you found this interesting! I’m happy to hear this!!

    • Theoni Reply

      I’m glad you found this helpfull Claudia!! Have a nice day!

    • Theoni Reply

      they truly are! i just want to invest on a silky one! And on a different color of course!
      You too hun! kisses

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