6 tips to get over Bloggers Block

get over bloggers blockHello loves! Have a wonderful week!

Today’s post is a bit different than my usual outfit posts. I will talk about when you are feeling unmotivated and uninspired and 6 great tips to get over bloggers block. At least that’s what i do when i’m feeling this way.


Why feeling uninspired

There could be many reasons why someone could feel a bit sad and without enthusiasm about what he/she is doing. It could be because of stress, something went wrong in the working environment, too many things to deal, lack of sleep etc. I do get in this situation some times, especially when something doesn’t go according to schedule or i have so many things on my mind and i feel like overloaded!get over bloggers block

6 tips to get over bloggers block

As i said before this isn’t an approve scientific research or anything similar. On the contrary that’s what i do when i’m feeling this way.

  • Listen to the music!

Super favorite one! When i’m feeling down i put on my earphones and all i need is the rhythm me and the rhythm!! (and you got an idea about what songs i love listening to!) And why not, i dance a little bit. A lot actually.. If no one is around of course!

  • Read Magazines/Check Pinterest

As a fashion blogger i do get this blogger’s block and i’m like ‘ok now what should i wear? or does this much that?’So  many questions, but no answers! So reading through some magazines help me a lot! Find me on my Pinterest for some inspo!

  • Write down – so you won’t forget

There are definitely those days in which you are feeling super amazing, the sun is shining, the birds are flying and everything looks beautiful! Take advantage of these days and when they are here write down everything that cross your mind and you could actually use for your blog and save it for later.

  • Take a walk/Go shopping

These two are also my favorite. Try going out for a walk in the fresh air, it might help you! I do love going for walks in the streets with clothing stores! I get really inspired by the shopfronts of a store, watching what other people wear and make combos in my mind.

  • Hang out with Friends/Family

Sometimes all you need is a break from everything and spending time with friends/family can help you much more than you think. Especially i really enjoy spending time with my little sister or my mum because i won’t stop babbling about my blog and they are they only ones that truly listen to me. Or at least that’s what i think so! And some times they have helped when i didn’t know what to do or how to do something.

  • Get some Sleep

And last but not least some times you just need some rest. If you are doing a lot of things in the same time you have this super overloaded schedule. I have to go to uni, during the night i work as a waitress, i have to schedule my shooting, prepare my posts, edit my pics, cook lunch for my boyfriend and myself, keep this apartment clean and you got an  idea about my life! After all that you just want to lay down, close your eyes, forget about everything and sleep.

So, you guys hope you found this post useful and interesting! I know it’s not an outfit post but i wanted to share with you my tips on how to get over bloggers block. Tell me if you like that kind of posts once in a while!

Feel free to comment below and tell what are you doing to get over bloggers block or if you are already doing something that i have mentioned.

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xx Theoni


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  1. I find just letting go of “thinking about what to blog” helps. Going outside, living life without thinking about how I could blog about it, and coming home makes all the difference.

    Denton & Lou

    • Theoni Reply

      Definitely that helps a lot!! It clears your mind and you are back on really refreshed!

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