3-Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream

Well, what about a healthy, delicious with only 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream for those hot summer days?? I have been looking for a similar recipe and when I found one I wanted to try it out and share it with you guys! It turned out really good. I visited my family when I tried it and honestly, we ate it all in a heartbeat!

Healthy and delicious recipes are my faves, especially when you are only using 3 ingredients!

3-ingredient chocolate ice cream cocoa3-ingredient chocolate ice cream 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream easy3-ingredient chocolate ice cream 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream summer treatΒ 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream deliciousΒ 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream tahini3-ingredient chocolate ice cream banana3-ingredient chocolate ice creamIt’s really easy but if you don’t have a large blender it might take some time. Let’s start:

3 frozen bananas
2 tbs cocoa
2 tbs tahini (or peanut butter)
optional–> smashed almonds as topping

Chop and freeze at least 3 bananas. Let them freeze all night. Next, slowly add the chopped bananas and start blending until smooth. Again, you need a powerful blender here!

Once you have finished blending all of the frozen bananas add the cocoa and peanut butter for a smoother feel and blend a little more until they are mixed.

Serve into cute caps and add the almond topping if you want. Your 3-ingredient chocolate ice cream it’s ready! So easy right?

I love opportunities when I can combine chocolate and healthy! It’s a nice homemade summer treat. And you have a variety of flavors to choose from for example you can add cinnamon instead of cocoa. You can do it with strawberries and more!

I would love to hear about your thoughts on that! Have you ever tried something similar? Comment below!


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      hope that you will try it Millie and let me know how it went!!

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