Vinyl Trousers: How to wear them this Fall

Well helloooo! It’s been a while since my last post but everything is crazy at the moment. I am almost finished with my internship (8 more days left, yeeesss!), so I need to get things done with this. But I will get straight to the point and share with you a new love of mine: Vinyl Trousers! They are edgy, cool and you need them in your closet!

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I have so many ideas crossing my mind about this pair but I decided to go with my vintage Gucci Tee (couldn’t link it for you guys, because it’s sold out..). My oversized denim jacket which is a must-have piece for Fall (aka transitioning season). Last but not least, m old ”violated” Superstar kicks completed the look! P.S. I am now trying to get a pair of Vans – yeess!

  • Just make sure to get a high waisted pair so you won’t end up looking short or fat! As a shorty, I need to take care of these things!
  • Also, I think it would be best to get a pair of leggings instead of trousers because they fit better. Period.

It has been on my mind to get a pair of vinyl leggings, but I was afraid of getting one because of their weird fit. I did try a few pairs in the past and it was horrible…!  This one though, I am so glad I got it! And it doesn’t make any weird noise, which I am grateful for! lol!

What I am wearing: Vinyl Trousers: MissyEmpire  (got it in size UK 8) (check them out!)
Gucci Tee Look-Alike
Oversized Denim Jacket: Pull&Bear | similar Asos
Adidas Superstar

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